Goiio Cat Ball with Bells,3 Pack Soft Cat Pompom Ball Interactive Toys




Bells balls cat toys are designed as cat exercise toy: interactive cat toys. Your kitties enjoy chasing these bells balls cat toy balls down the stairs and then fetching them back upstairs and rolling them around again. Especially, they goes nuts with the sound these pompom ball cat toys make when pouncing on them or carrying them. Just easy to throw these pompom balls and your kittens will get entertaiment with them by themselves for hours. Of course, these balls are made of soft & lightweight pompom texture in right size for cats to grasp or carry, so you never need to worry about they will hurt your kittens even if they step on them with bare feet. perfect independent cat toy or self play cat toy. With more saving than other cat toys in pet stores, every cat will deserve ball cat toy as a economy way to get daily entertainment & exercise, especially for fat cats.