Adoptable Dogs

We are so glad that you are considering adopting a dog from The Humane Society of Dickson! Search our adoptable dogs and puppies to find your perfect match. Check back regularly for new arrivals.

Adoptable Dogs

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Hear from other families who have adopted a new family member .

Humane Society of Dickson County

The Humane Society of Dickson County was founded 30 years ago during a time of desperate need. In shelters across the country, millions of animals were dying, and in rural communities with no local solution for unwanted pets, the situation was dire.  A grassroots movement in Dickson County, Tennessee, quickly grew with the mission to educate the public about spay/neuter and ensure every dog and cat has a safe home. HSDC is now an active and visible part of Dickson and the surrounding counties, providing a safe haven for homeless animals and adopting out more than 1000 pets annually. The HSDC is a “no-kill” shelter, with a large network of foster families and close partnerships with area animal rescue groups. Join the mission today and become a part of saving lives

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