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Tank (formerly Hoss)

is enjoying Christmas at home.

Chase (AKA Diesel)

loves his forever home! He was adopted as a young puppy and has grown into a handsome and well behaved 10 month old boy! We absolutely love these updates

Luna (AKA Duchess)

Luna, AKA Duchess is living her best life in her forever Home! She is absolutely precious and loved greatly.

This is Marley Mae

Levi’s sister!! She was born 9/11/19 and adopted 11/14/19. She is the best girl and we are so blessed to call her ours


Little Teddy in his Military jacket at the park playing with his ball

Stevie Tick's (Aries)

with Big sister (bestie) Lily Thank you for the hard work, compassion and time the Humane Society does for the animals in our community.

Remember Luke?

He's starting to gray on his muzzle but he's still a wonderful, healthy, very loved boy!

Ziva (formerly Chipotle)

is living the good life! She is loved and spoiled in her furever home!


I would say that Sunflower is living the life. She is loved and pampered.

Becky (formerly Tia)

pic with her brother Burt


You can tell she is just so happy in her new home

Coco (formerly Selene)

This sweet girl has a clean bill of health and is enjoying her new home

Foxy Lynn

Has settled into her new home.


is loving her new forever home! She is a happy girl and loved greatly.


is the best boy! He loves to play, ride to town, take naps with Daddy, and follow his sister every where. He makes our family complete!

Sycamore ( now Seymour)

is settling right in. He is such a sweet and good boy! I’m so lucky I found him.

Coyote Ugly “Uggs

is doing awesome! He is the BEST dog!

Handsome - now Howard

is living his best life! The family absolutely adores him

Lucy and Callie (formerly Spunky Chic and Gumdrop)

have settled right in!

Missy, our former office cat

has adjusted well to living in a home! We miss her terribly, but are so happy to see her living the good life!

Spike Lee and Cuddles.

It’s been 3.5 years since I adopted my to babies from Humane Society they are rotten but so happy

Luna (Duchess)

she is 35 pounds now and has just graduated from the puppy class at PetSmart. She is doing great and is such a blessing to us!

Fluffy (now Axel)

is having a great time in his new furever home!!

Chester (once known as Ron)

is definitely living his best life!

Tulip (now Frankie)

is doing amazing in her new home! She will only accept the closest cuddles possible💖

Sweet Sadie

loves her forever home and wanted to come visit and show off her cute new look! We are beyond happy for this little angel.

Cinder (formerly Kron)

is very happy in his new home


was adopted 1 year ago. Her parents celebrated with a party!


came in pregnant, had 10 puppies, then found a wonderful forever home. Here she is paddle boarding!


Still has heartworm treatment coming, but his foster has done wonders for him!
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