Fostering a shelter animal is a very rewarding and personal way to help homeless pets. In addition to our shelter, we have a large network of foster families who provide temporary homes and a little extra love and care for pets waiting for adoption. Read the FAQs below and contact us if you think you want to be a foster pet parent.
What are my responsibilities as a Foster Volunteer?
As a foster parent, your role is to welcome a pet (or pets) into your home and provide food, water, toys, and most importantly, lots of love. You will also need to:
  • Have the ability to transport your foster pet to scheduled medical appointments, adoption events, or training classes.
  • Be willing to administer medications, special diets or continue in-home training.
  • Commit to foster for the agreed foster period.

What types of animals need foster care?
Depending on your availability, home environment, lifestyle and interest, you can choose to provide a temporary home for adoptable pets with many unique care needs, including:
  •     Animals who have minor health concerns or injuries
  •     Puppies and kittens under six months who are too young to be spayed or neutered
  •     Animals who need a break from the shelter environment
  •     Gold Star Dogs who are socially or behaviorally challenged dogs and need individualized attention
  •     Cats and dogs in our Crisis Response program
  •     Animals preparing to go to an adoption event

Can I still foster if I already have a pet?
Yes. However, in many cases, especially with sick or injured animals, you must have the ability to isolate the foster animal in a separate room or section of your home to avoid exposure of an illness to your pet or disrupt the healing time of your foster.

How long is a typical foster period?
Foster periods can vary from a few days to a few months depending on the type of foster you welcome into your home. For example, a young kitten may need to spend 2-3 weeks in foster while he grows strong enough for his vaccinations and surgery, while an injured dog recuperating from a surgery may need more time before he is ready for adoption. We will work with you to determine the best fit for you.

Available to Foster?
If you’re interested in fostering one of our pets in need, please fill out the form below, give us a call at 615.446.7387, or drop by during regular business hours.

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